Bio: I live on Maui, Hawaii, I have come back to the place of my beginning her on the Earth which is ancient Lemuria. I had a Near Death Experience 32 years ago where I went home to the golden light and merged with my own God Presence. I am now a way shower.I take people through hypnosis and guided imagery to experience themselves as Divine Essence. I have published two books one about Lemuria " coming Home to Lemuria" and one about the return of the Earth to the golden age of peace which begins December 2012 called 2012 A new Earth Rising.

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  1. Laura Pieratt
    Mar 14, 2013 @ 08:29:33

    Hi Charmain, thanks for your reply to my invitation to meet. I’ll be taking my boys back to college in Lexington on Sunday, so prefer a lunch get together. I’d love to take you to lunch any day next week. I live in Ft. Thomas, not far from Anderson, so let me know what day works best for you and where you’d like to meet. Thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing you again and also your upcoming meditation.

    Many Blessings, Laura

    My phone number is (859) 802-9777


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