Angel Of Rebirth Message and Meditation

Please enjoy this meditation from the angel of Rebirth as we enter the New Year and the New Age of Gold. It is time to recreate yourself in all of your glory

Below is a message from The Angel of Rebirth about this powerful time we are entering which is the true Dawn of the Age of Aquarius

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Mother Mary Message and Meditation for 12/12

Mother Mary helps us to awaken the Christ within. On this powerful day of 12/12 we received this DNA light body activation. Enjoy this channeled meditation from the Blessed Mother

December Live zoom events

This month of December has some of the most powerful energy shifts we have yet experienced.2020 has been a year of intense shedding of old beliefs and old trauma. WE have been preparing for this huge wave of energy that will lift us up out of 3D into5D. Two major planets Jupiter and Saturn are moving out of Capricorn, patriarchy, rigid order and into Aquarius equality, freedom, community.

I am offering 2 live zoom events both by donation. Dec12th and Dec21st 10amPST, 1pm EST,6pm UK.7pm CET Please make a donation using the paypal link below saying which event or both you would like to join and I will send the link

Angel of Forgiveness and December Live Zoom Events

The Angel of Forgiveness Speaks

We are all carrying trauma from painful experiences in our past relationships or situations. Each one of these challenging situations was something that we chose as a Soul in order to grow. The Angel of Forgiveness explains that it is time to let the negative emotions be released from our emotional and physical bodies so that we can move out of pain and into Love.


 In this meditation the Angel of Forgiveness guides you into the higher realms to meet the soul of those who have caused you harm or hurt. You have the opportunity to ask what was the lesson that these adversaries were teaching us and to release them through forgiveness. It is essential to release these toxic emotions from your bodies before they cause illness



Mother Mary brings Blessings

Special live zoom event to align with the enormous energy wave that will be brought to Earth on 12:12.

Saturday December 12th 2020
10am PST,1pm EST,6pm UK,7pm CET

On this powerful day the energy of the Blessed Mother will be intensified on the Earth helping us all to raise our vibration to the next octave of unconditional love.

Class is by donation.
I will send the link when  you make your donation no matter how small, all are welcome.

Please make your donation with the link below

Excerpt from my book At Mother Mary’s Table which was written from past life regression sessions of those who walked with The Blessed Mother
” The earth is changing, the planet is returning to the Light and we are the Light Bringers who are embodying that Light. Each one of us is carrying the wounds of our own crucifixions, we have been persecuted, enslaved, put to death in the most horrible ways and yet we return ever stronger because we have endured.

As Yeshua said,” I go to prepare a place and even as I am lifted up so shall you be.” The time is now, the kingdom of heaven is here. It is time now to heal the wounds that we carry from our many lives of martyrdom. It is time to release those memories now so that we can truly step into the Light and the Power of our own Divinity. All of the energies on the planet right now are supporting us to confront the shadows, which are holding us in pain and to embrace the Light that is lifting us into the Truth of Who We Are.”—————————————————————
         December 21st 2020, Winter Solstice
                      Live zoom class,
We will receive an activation of the 12 solar strands in the DNA for us to move into our Ascension frequencies.

Monday December 21st 2020
10am PST,1pm EST, 6pm UK,7pm CET

This powerful day is the culmination of all of the portals and activations of 2020. A huge wave of energy plasma will wash over the Earth and all of humanity.
Two major planets Jupiter and Saturn both move out of the density of rigid, structured, patriarchal Capricorn into the lightness of  open minded, enlightened, Humanitarian, and compassionate Aquarius.

This is the true dawning of the Age of Aquarius.
These energetic vibrational gifts from the cosmos are going to MASSIVELY birth an entire new state of consciousness in the collective, as the collective of Humanity will now really begin to elevate into a new state of consciousness and social awareness, collaboration for the greater good.

Event is by donation.                                

Please use this link to make your donation and I will send the zoom link 

11/11 live zoom DNA activation

Wednesday November 11th 10.30am PST,1.30pm EST, 6.30pm UK, 7.30pm CET

Live Online Lightcode Activation for 11/11 portal

I invite you to join me for an extremely powerful activation using the portal of 11/11. We have planned for this time since we first came to Earth. We have lightcodes embedded in our DNA specifically for this time of Ascension.

As each portal opens and we receive the new frequency we are brought closer to our True  Divine Self and to living on  this earth as the Master that we are.

The portal that is activated on 11/11 will be a huge leap forward in that Ascension process in preparation for the Winter Solstice on 12/21/20.

This will be small, live interactive group where you can ask questions

                          This event is by donation.
Please make a donation to Paypal using the link below and I will send you the zoom link.

For more info see
or message me

This week’s channeled meditation.

Did you know you have your own, personal guardian angel who is just waiting for you to ask for help? Now as never before, with so much chaos on the planet you are invited to ask your Guardian Angel for help. In this meditation you meet your angel and receive a message.

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The Sacred Isle of Avalon is calling you

Live tele-class online will take you on a magical, mystery tour of the home of the Holy Grail here on the Earth.
Series of 6  two hour classes

Reconnect with King Arthur, Merlin, The Lady of the Lake and receive the Initiation of the Holy Grail itself.

We will be taken to Ancient Glastonbury which is the Isle of Avalon to the Holy Chalice Well and the  Sacred Tor to reclaim who we really are. 

Many of us have spent lifetimes on our own Grail Quest, overcoming many challenges in order to reach that mystical state of conscious connection with the All That Is. 

Class begins October Monday October 26th
10am PST, 1pm EST, 6pm UK. 7pm CET

or Thursday  October 29th 5pm PST, 6pm MST, 7pm CST, 8pm EST
Same class just choose your time.

1 Return to the Sacred Isle of Avalon
2  Enter Merlin’s cave of initiation
3 Meet The Lady of the Lake
4 King Arthur and Queen Gwynwar,
reclaiming sovereignty
5 Sword of Pendragon, Excalibur, reclaiming the warrior
6 Receiving the Holy Grail as Grail Maiden or Grail Knight

                            Love Exchange $333 
                         Payments possible

E mail
to reserve your place and state which time works best for you

Healing meditation from the Lyran Collective

The Collective of Lyra offer us this healing meditation to restore balance and harmony in these troubled times. We are lifted into the highest frequency of soft pink and lilac light of the 12th dimension.

Feel yourself being wrapped in a cocoon of the softest pink love and releasing the wounds of density.

Many of us are feeling battle weary, we are creating a tidal of love and light that is lifting the Earth up but we have been going against the current of old ways and that has been exhausting.

Now the tide has turned and it is time for us to receive the rewards of our efforts.

Please enjoy this gentle, healing meditation.

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Message from the Collective of Lyra

At this time of great change on the Earth plane many of us are feeling exhausted, depressed and overwhelmed. The beings of Lyra offer this message of hope in dark times. This is the end of separation which began at the time of The Fall. It is time now for union and Oneness. The Earth is birthing her new form and great change is necessary. We have planned and prepared for this time before we even came here and now we have the tools to ride the wave and emerge victorious.

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Message and Meditation from the Time Lords

Message from the Time Lords underneath Mt Shasta. The Time Lords are active at all times of Transition on the Earth. They were guiding us through the end of Lemuria and Atlantis which were times of great destruction .They are here to guide us now to build the New Earth. Mother Earth has already stated that she will not allow another cataclysm and so the Forces from the Realms of Light have permission to intervene on the Earth Plane. They are here to help us to raise our vibration out of chaos and into LIght.

In this meditation they bring you underneath Mt Shasta to receive a rebirth out of density into Light. We are all carrying trauma and wounds from lifetimes of living in the 3rd dimension and now it is time to heal those wounds. You are guided to connect with your True Self which is All Knowing and All Powerful.

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Summer Solstice Solar Lightbody Activation Live on Zoom

Live Tele Class Via Zoom

Saturday June 20th 2pm PST, 5pm EST, 10pm UK, 11pm CET

In this very rare event of the Summer Solstice being very closely followed by a Solar eclipse  we have an opportunity to use the full power of the sun to activate our own solar lightbody. This gives us access to our powerful Creator aspect so we can begin to take charge of our own destiny both individually and collectively.The frequencies of the Earth have been rising slowly over many years and our bodies have been adjusted to receive more light.

Now we have this powerful portal to boost those frequencies and bring us into alignment with our pure Essence as Divine Being.

We all agreed to be here at this time to lift the Earth into the light, we begin by lifting ourselves and then we hold the frequency for others to follow.

This class will be live on zoom by donation. You will be able to ask questions and offer comments.

Please make your donation to paypal and put your e mail address in it and summer Solstice
I will send you the zoom link.


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