Past Life Regression into the void. Everything that we take as real is just the illusion. None of it is real.

The Past Life Hypnotherapy session begins with Kevin’s Higher Self explaining to him that everything that he has thought of as real is in fact an illusion.
Through our explorations into form the void comes out of sleep and into awareness of itself. We are the nothingness knowing itself.

We have been given the opportunity by the All That Is to experience ourselves as infinite possibility.

It is extremely difficult to put into words the experience of the void which is simply nothingness.
In this session Kevin experiences himself floating in the void, in nothingness which has a profound effect upon him.

He is blown away by the beauty of magnificence of the infinite universe.

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Message from the Pleiadeans for our troubled planet

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In this past life regression Marie Louise remembers her life in Ancient Lemuria where all was peace and harmony. She then travels back to the Pleiades where she receives information which is of benefit to us all about this time of powerful transformation on our planet. Finally she meets a whale who she had an encounter with in Hawaii and discovers how the whales are helping humanity to remember who we are.
The session begins with her connecting to her Higher Heart which is one of her fully conscious aspects.

This session was done remotely by video conference call on zoom
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Are you sacrificing yourself? Do you give your power away? Master Jesus has a message for you.

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In this Divine Self Reconnection Hypnotherapy session my client has a conversation with His Divine Essence to discover the cause of a tendency in this lifetime to believe that everything has to be done through suffering which has caused much pain and drama in his life.

In the Hypnosis session his Divine Self guided him to a lifetime where he was a mother of 4 children at a time of great conflict in the land. One of his sons was killed in a war and when this client died he made a vow as he was leaving the body that he would take on other people’s  suffering in future lives so that they would not have to feel the pain that his son had felt.

When he left the body and returned to the golden light of Oneness he was met by Master Jesus who assured him that we do not need to suffer for others. We need to shine our light, our excitement and our joy, to be a beacon for others and guide them to follow their own joy rather than feeling shame.

Many lightworkers including myself have been sacrificing ourselves from a belief that we are unworthy and that somehow sacrifice is noble.

Master Jesus assures  us that self sacrifice is totally unnecessary and is not the message which he meant to leave here for those who came after him.

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Reminder, Live Self empowerment tele class starting on thursday June 7th

Self Empowerment 101 part 3
Release, Reconnect and Re-align
Live  Tele-seminar
with Charmian Redwood


Love exchange $ 222

  6 two hour classes on Zoom or phone

Thursdays June 7th- July 26th

( excluding July 5th)

Choose your time
11am -1pm PST; 2-4pm EST; 7-9 pm Uk;
8-10 pm CET

or 5pm PST 8pm EST

I offer the same class at 2 different times to suit different time zones. You will receive the recording for each class so if you have to miss a class you will still receive the activation.

In this powerful online live class Charmian will guide you through a process of 6 sessions to reconnect with your Divine essence, Reclaim your wounded parts and Release that which no longer serves you. As the frequency of the Earth is being lifted you are offered an opportunity as never before to step into the Truth of All of Who You Are, to take charge of your life and to walk this Earth as a Living Master.

You can take this powerful online class as a follow up to the previous class or as a stand alone class.

These are Light Encoded Frequency Activations to assist you in remembering more of the highest truths, raising your own vibrational frequency, embodying your highest light.  These energetic attunements are designed to allow your Spiritual transformation and Consciousness expansion to be easy, graceful, benevolent  and effortless.
These Sacred Energy Activations come directly from Source.  They awaken our dormant potential, align us with Source and activate the Sacred Key Codes in our Original Divine Blueprint.

Cl 1 Crystal Light Body DNA activation
The frequency of the Earth is rising and our bodies are transforming into a crystalline base. This activation will assist  you to utilize the new energies and ease your passage into ascension
Cl 2 Releasing Fear
We are all carrying memories from previous lives of persecution and pain.These create deep programs of fear which prevent us from living our authentic self
Cl 3 Twin Flame Activation
We are all here to work with our twin flame beloved polarity self in this time of transformation. We will invite in the Beloved Other and see what the contract is for this life.
Cl 4 Rebuilding self esteem
Many of us are living at less than our potential because we have been programmed into believing we are unworthy  from either  past life or early childhood experiences. Time to release those old programs.
Cl 5 Divine Human Blueprint
Each of us carries a potential to live from our Divine Self. Activating this Divine Blueprint will enable us to use all of our power as Essence to live on this earth as an awakened  Master.
Cl 6 Abundance
We are carrying many beliefs and programs about receiving abundance in this life. Some of this is due to past life memories and some to childhood conditioning. Time to open ourselves to receive the abundance which our Father/Mother wish for us.

“I would like to thank you, Charmian, for helping me to reconnect with the Truth of all of me.  My search always led me to look for the answers “outside of me”.  I feel that my Divine Essence has been brought back into form into my physical body, and I feel complete – balanced – empowered.  Now more than ever I own the energy of creation through my intention, – and then to totally let go and Trust. I also can rest in knowing that being in Joy – is enough”. Cheryl MA

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Charmian has taught in all of the Ancient Mystery schools and has returned in this lifetime to bring together the temple teams for self empowerment and assistance to Mother Earth.
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