444 Ascension Portal Activation free live webcast on April 4th 2020

Activation for the portal of 444 The only triple digit portal of 2020 On this powerful day of 4.4.4 a portal to the 5th dimension will be opened. I will be offering an activation for this Ascension Portal live from the Ascended Masters who will guide you through it.

At this critical  time on the Earth  it is of vital importance that the Lightworkers come together  to lift all of humanity into Oneness.

We are currently experiencing the most important energetic event of our time and it is coming the form of the Coronavirus. We need a complete change of consciousness if we are to remain on this planet. Please invite your friends

Live stream on You Tube

Saturday April 4th  11am PST 2pm Est  7pm UK 8PM CET    


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Mother Mary speaks about the Coronavirus and its Divine Purpose


Mother Mary speaks from her heart. She is Divine Mother and each one of us is her Beloved Child. In this channeled message Mother Mary speaks about this opportunity we now have as a human family to return to Love. We have lost our connection to the Source, to our own Divinity that always knows the truth. She guides us on a journey to return to the Source and to connect with that Divine Essence within.


FB Moth MaRY

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Message from Master Jesus about the purpose of Coronavirus in the Divine Plan

Master Jesus offers an explanation and an activation which will lift you above the frequency of the virus and you will have no need to experience the disease. The Earth is in a critical phase in the Ascension process, each of us needs to focus on the heart. This coronavirus is giving all of us the opportunity to change our values from the material to the heart.

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Here is another activation for 2020 from the Great White Brotherhood.


Charmian Redwood

Reconnect to your star home to be recalibrated for the higher frequencies that are streaming to the Earth at this time. We are living many parallel existences at this time. One of them is on the star from which you came to the Earth . This channeled meditation will take you back to your home star through the Great Pyramid of Giza to reclaim your stellar light body.

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2020 Activations Pt 2

Guided journey for 2020 releasing negativity offered by Archangel Michael.

Channeled through
Charmian Redwood 

At this time of transformation and the birth of New Earth Archangel Michael offers us a journey to release lower vibrational energies from our field. We release the old programs and create space for the new frequencies of pure love which are lifting the Earth back to Oneness.

It is time to let go of the past and clear the ground for a rebirth as our True Divine Self

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Channeled activation of the light body for 2020 from the Great White Brotherhood through Charmian Redwood

As we enter a new decade of 2020 there is powerful shift of energy on the planet.The light is intensifying and lifting us higher into connection with our Higher Self. This message is channeled from the Great White Brotherhood, a group of Ascended Masters who are assisting the Earth with this transformation. You are invited to receive the DNA light codes for the New Earth directly from your soul essence.

Powerful activation of Light does for 2020 and The New Earth

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Activation of Divine Ray of Illumination Ray 3

   Channeled through 
Charmian Redwood          

In this activation with Serapis Bey you are guided to reclaim your will in alignment with Divine will and to reclaim your power from those to whom you have given it away. You will enter the Flame of Ascension and be cleansed of everything from the past which no longer serves you.     


Many of us carry memories of being persecuted for using our power in previous lives and so we hold back from claiming our authentic powerful selves. We give our power away to others who control us because we are too afraid to use it for ourselves. The Earth needs all of us now to step up and to claim that which we truly are as Divine Humans.

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