6 Steps to Ascension Live Tele class with Charmian Redwood

Six Steps to Ascension
6 Live Tele-classes
Charmian Redwood
Each class is 2 hours

In this 6 week live Teleclass you will be guided through the steps which are needed in order to prepare your vehicle to ascend with Mother Earth. The old paradigm is leaving and the 3rd dimension will no longer be an option for humanity. We must connect with our divine essence, release the past and prepare our light bodies for ascension. The frequency of the planet has been rising steadily and is now supporting a deeper connection with the higher dimensions that ever before. It is just no longer possible to remain asleep when all of the energies are here to help us to awaken to our true selves.

Message from Master Jesus
“Beloved ones. You are the outreach from many star bases and planes of light. You volunteered to take on a physical body to walk through pain and suffering here on planet earth. We see you kneeling to us but we are the ones who should  be kneeling to you. You are the ones who are in the maelstrom, the turbulence, the turmoil which is whipping up the energy on the earth like a tornado. This energy is spinning up chaos on the earth but it is also creating the momentum through which Gaia can bring herself to birth. You are the ones who are anchoring this energy into the earth so that the birthing process can be completed and we are most grateful to you for being willing to do this. You are crusaders, just like the knights of old galloping all over the earth carrying the eternal flame. We would be like the commanders back at headqurters directing it all. We do the planning, we have a large table where we direct the forces where they are needed but you are the ones on the ground carrying out the plan.” 

This live Tele-class using zoom video will take you through the necessary steps of preparation for Ascension.

step 1 Connection with your Divine Essence

step 2 Clearing the pain body

step 3 Forgiveness using Ho’o pono pono techniques

step 4 Reclaiming fragmented soul aspects

step 5 Ascension Flame activation with Lord Serapis Bey

step 6 Atomic accelerator chamber with St Germaine

lord sananda

Love exchange $333
[Payments possible]

4-6 pm PST 7-9pm EST
Thursdays October 3rd- November 7th 2019
RSVP charmiangel40@hotmail.com or
call 808 344 9932

“I would like to thank you, Charmian, for helping me to reconnect with the Truth of all of me.  My search always led me to look for the answers “outside of me”.  I feel that my Divine Essence has been brought back into form into my physical body, and I feel complete – balanced – empowered.  Now more than ever I own the energy of creation through my intention, – and then to totally let go and Trust. I also can rest in knowing that being in Joy – is enough. ” Cheryl ma


Lord Lanto offers a DNA activation of the 2nd Ray of Divine Illumination

Lord Lanto is the Master of Ray 2 of the Rays of Divine Illumination.

The Love/Wisdom Ray

In this message channeled through Charmian Redwood he guides you through an activation of your Golden Divine Essence as a fully Christed Being. Reclaim the truth of who you are and bring this powerful co-creator of the universe to be of assistance to you in your earth walk.
Release self doubt and be the power Being of Light that you are.
This powerful message activates the light codes in the DNA for your to embody your Christed Self 

Whales Swim Retreat in Mo’orea near Tahiti with Charmian and Tadeja

Join an intimate group of just 8 sweet souls

In this lifechanging journey

On the island of Mo’orea near Tahiti

Swimming with humpback whales

Aug 31st– Sep 7th : week 1

Sep 7th – Sep 14th: week 2


An extraordinary adventure swimming with whales in the mornings and in the afternoons making an even deeper connection with them through guided meditations and channeling with Charmian

In my first encounter of  snorkeling with whales I had a humpback whale swim right up
to me and look into my eyes was an experience I will never forget . He came  within 6
feet of me, swam by me so carefully and looked right into my eyes.
My heart opened as it never had before and I was carried into bliss.
We are now able to offer such an experience to you on this retreat to Tahiti.


Retreat guided by Lemurians and Whale Whisperers

Tadeja Bortsnar and Charmian Redwood


What you can expect


  • 5 days of 5 hour swims with whales
  • Afternoon meditations and channeled messages from the whales
  • 1 day hike to the heart mystical Mo’orea
  • Captain and swim guide with years of experience
  • Heart opening experiences that cannot be put into words.
  • You will never be the same


To reserve your place now and find out more see our website


or see

Facebook post

Channeled Activation of the Earth Star and Soul Star chakras

Channeled Activation of the Earth Star and Soul Star chakras from Archangel Sandalphon
Charmian Redwood

At this time of great transformation on the Earth Plane it is vital that we reconnect to our Divine Self and take back control of our destiny using our own powers of Creation. In this message Archangel Sandalphon guides us through a process of reconnection to our Divine Self through the activation of the Soul Star chakra above the head. We then bring this energy down into the body to activate the Earth Star chakra beneath the feet to connect with the consciousness of Mother Earth. From this place we can begin to align our consciousness with Gaia and the Ascending Earth and move with ease into the new frequencies which are lifting the earth back into the light.

Copyright © Charmian Redwood 2019*, All rights reserved.

Charmian offers private sessions of Hypnotherapy for the Soul
For details visit her website

Serapis Bey Offers you the Flame of Ascension

Ascended Master Serapis Bey invites you into the secret chamber underneath the Sphinx in Egypt

Channeled through Charmian Redwood

Step into the Ascension Flame and release all of the negativity which is preventing you from ascending into the light. We are carrying old memories from our long journey through density and it is time to raise our vibration and return to the light.

serapis bey.YT

Copyright © *Charmian Redwood 2018, All rights reserved.

Charmian offers private sessions of Hypnotherapy For The Soul where you experience yourself as soul and receive guidance about whatever life issues you choose.

see www.cominghometolemuria.com
for more info

El Morya offers you an alignment of your human will with Divine Will for self empowerment. Channeled through Charmian Redwood

Master El Morya offers an activation with the blue flame of Divine Will for us to release our cellular memories of the abuse of power and align with our own Divine Self which has all the powers of creation. We have all been either victims or perpetrators of the abuse of power over others and this prevents us from claiming our power as it is meant to be used under Divine Will. This guided activation gives you the opportunity to release the past and to align your personal will with the will your own Divine Essence.

Charmian offers personal sessions of Talking To Your Soul Hypnotherapy


November 11th 2018 11.11.11

11.11.11 November 11th 2018

From Charmian Redwood

A powerful activation will be taking place globally on Sunday. These last weeks have been a preparation as we have been given divine opportunities to address our wounding. There will be an activation of the Ascension frequency as one of the gates of the New Jerusalem opens. This is the blueprint for the ascended earth. Take this opportunity to make a vision board or a statement of intention for what you would like to bring into your life as a reflection of your Divine Self. This portal will amplify your intentions so at 11.11 am or pm do a ceremony for yourself stating your intention.
Such as

” I am now ready to claim All That I Am
I stand in my Truth as a Divine Being
All of the Power of Creation is mine
I am  whole, complete and perfect just as I Am
I am now ready to live from my Divine Self here on the Earth Plane
I am inviting into my life……………


Charmian offers personal sessions of Talking To Your Soul Hypnotherapy

see www.cominghometolemuria.com

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