Christmas Message from Mother Mary for the Children of Light

My Beloved Children, sons and daughters of my heart, I speak to you at this blessed time when you celebrate the birth of my Beloved Son, Yeshua. At the time of His birth I was but a young girl dwelling in a land suffering under occupation by another civilisation. We too were surrounded by fear and conflict just as you are now. I am here this day to light a beacon, to show you the way home.  I am delighted at this time to be reunited with each one of you as you read these words. Long, long ago we dwelled together in the realms of light, each one of you was a brilliant star in the heavenly firmament, floating freely, unlimited by physical form, completely free, powerful and full of love.

Mother Earth sent forth a call, She called to the Children of Light to walk upon Her body, to bring the Light of Heaven to Her body so that She too might be lifted up. You heard the cry of Her heart and you came to walk the beautiful light of your being here upon the earth plane,  to experience suffering, pain, grief and separation.

This was something that you had never experienced before and it has not been an easy walk. It has been most challenging to remain with your heart open when there is darkness all around.

The Earth as you see it now is undergoing a great transformation. All that is not of Love is being brought up to the surface to be released. So as you look around you it looks as if the Earth is consumed with hatred, prejudice, abuse of power of the few over the many. I say to you now that it is the light that is causing the darkness to be seen.The light is illuminating the darkness so that it too can be lifted up into the light of truth. Do not be concerned by the stories which you hear all around you. It is simply the way that humans have chosen to learn that love is the only thing that is real. Many have chosen to walk through what we may call the valley of the shadow of death in order to come to the realization that love is what matters. So love them, bless them but do not be drawn into the illusion because you are here to be a beacon of light. Simply shine your light even brighter when you are surrounded by darkness. Pray for those who persecute you and see them being lifted up.

You are the Beloved Children of The Father and The Mother, we brought you to birth between  us and will never let you fall. No, we hold you while you take your baby steps, learning your life lessons in whatever way you have chosen in order to come to a place where you absolutely know  that only Love is real. For some of you this means experiencing loss of health, possessions, loved ones but know that I am here with you as you learn your lessons. I wrap my wings around you. I am your Divine Mother and I love you without condition. You do not have to earn My love, it is your birthright.

I invite you now  to give birth to the Christ Light that is within you, claim your birthright which my Beloved son and I came to this Earth to demonstrate for you. We planted the seed which is now yours to harvest. You are a Shining One, a Magnificent Being of Light, a blessings to this Earth and  I love you eternally.

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Winter Solstice and Christmas Message from the Great White Brotherhood

Message from the Great White Brotherhood for Lightworkers of the Earth

We bring to you the greetings of the Great White brotherhood at this time of the Winter Solstice and the Birth of The Christ when the night is at its longest and the light seems far away.

This is a metaphor for what has been happening upon the Earth plane, it seems as if life on Earth is at its lowest ebb, there is darkness wherever you look and yet we say unto you that the tide is turning. As the sun begins her journey upwards, out of the darkness and into the light so this is also the truth for all of those who are awakening now. It is time to shed and to release those old beliefs that are keeping you small, limited and in separation. It is time  now for you to embrace the truth of all of your being, as an Eternal Self, an Eternal Being of Light, at One with all that is, at one with the knowledge that all of the power of  creation is yours. So let us use the energy of this portal to assist you to journey from darkness into light.

We say to you now that the tide has turned and it is you, Beloved Children of the Light, who have turned it. You are lifting the Earth up into the Light which was Her request in the beginning when She called for the  the brothers and sisters of Light to walk upon Her body so that she might be lifted up. This was your purpose in coming to the Earth and this is the time of the fulfillment of that purpose. With fulfillment comes reward for all of the sacrifices which you have made not only in this lifetime which is simply a drop in the ocean in terms of all of your lives here on earth.

It is time now for you to reap the benefits of many lifetimes of devotion to bringing the light of heaven to the Earth plane. Through all of the great cycles the Children of Light have seeded that Light upon the Earth, they have nurtured the seed, created beautiful temples and dedicated themselves life after life in service to the One.

At the end of each spiritual tradition there was much destruction and often times you were put to death for your beliefs but never gave up. Each time you would simply return in a different body, a different place and begin again.

What courage, what dedication you have shown and we wish to both acknowledge and honor your many lifetimes of devotion and say to you now that it is time to claim your reward, to live heaven upon earth.

We see you stepping out of situations which no longer serve the being that you are. Like taking of an old worn out coat that no longer fits you are now ready to put on a new coat made of cloth of gold.

We understand how challenging these times have been for you and your emotional body and this is why we have sent you helpers to walk by your side. Soul families are finding one another to help all of you to step into the frequencies of the New Earth. As Archangel Gabriel said to Mother Mary at the time of Christ, ” Be not afraid.” So we say to you now that it is the Christ Child within you that is being born at this time.
Fear not,we love you, we hold you always in perfect love.
Blessings from the Great White Brotherhood

Take a few moments to look back over your life at the beliefs and programs which constantly sabotage your birthright which is to live in abundance, love and harmony. See yourself standing on the top of a mountain and think of everything you wish to release. A beautiful spiral of starlight comes down from the Galactic Center which we are currently aligned with. Take this spiral into your body and allow it to release all residue of trauma, self doubt and whatever has been blocking you. Feel yourself being lifted up in that spiral into the New Earth in which all of your dreams come true. In this energy focus your intention on creating whatever heaven on Earth would look like for you. Feel yourself in your lightbody walking in the New Earth where all is light and love. You have been through the purging and now is the time for the light.

Many blessings to you

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