Summer Solstice Solar Lightbody Activation Live on Zoom

Live Tele Class Via Zoom

Saturday June 20th 2pm PST, 5pm EST, 10pm UK, 11pm CET

In this very rare event of the Summer Solstice being very closely followed by a Solar eclipse  we have an opportunity to use the full power of the sun to activate our own solar lightbody. This gives us access to our powerful Creator aspect so we can begin to take charge of our own destiny both individually and collectively.The frequencies of the Earth have been rising slowly over many years and our bodies have been adjusted to receive more light.

Now we have this powerful portal to boost those frequencies and bring us into alignment with our pure Essence as Divine Being.

We all agreed to be here at this time to lift the Earth into the light, we begin by lifting ourselves and then we hold the frequency for others to follow.

This class will be live on zoom by donation. You will be able to ask questions and offer comments.

Please make your donation to paypal and put your e mail address in it and summer Solstice
I will send you the zoom link.


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Summer Solstice Activation of the winged serpent at Serpent Mound Ohio

Summer Solstice activation of the serpent at Serpent Mound Ohio

This powerful activation of the serpent at serpent mound contains the frequencies of the New Earth and the ascension. A group of 6 people found each other at the mound on the Summer Solstice 2015, we sat on the head of the serpent and I received the following activation which I am happy to share with you all. The serpent opened his wings which have been dormant for thousands of years and carried us into the New Earth to bring back the blue print for the ascension of the Earth and people. If you listen you will receive a kundalini activation of the frequencies of ascension into your light body



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