Channelled purification of the emotional body from St Germaine

Violet Flame Purification

with St Germaine 

Channeled by

Charmian Redwood

 Ascended Master St Germaine offers us a process using the Violet Flame to clear and release old, negative emotions from our cellular body. As we move into the frequencies of the New Earth those old emotions of anger, shame, unworthiness, anxiety and fear hold us back. Now is the time to let them go and step into our Divine Power.




Charmian Redwood is an international Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Mystic. She offers classes in Self Empowerment and personal sessions of Talking To Your Soul Hypnotherapy to see who you are, where you came from and why you are here.

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Mary Magdalen Offers a Deep Heart Healing and Activation of the Higher Heart

Mary Magdalen Guides You Through a Heart Healing and Activation of the Pure Heart

We all have armoring around our hearts from past trauma where we felt we had to defend ourselves in order to survive. As we grow older the armoring prevents us from making close loving relationships. In this channeled message Mary Magdalen takes us to the Temple of the Heart to heal the old wounds and activate the Higher Heart Blueprint which will take us through the Ascension into the New Earth

mary mag
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Charmian offers personal channeled messages from the Ascended Masters and sessions of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy to connect you with your soul

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Master Jesus Offers an activation of the Christed I Am Presence Blueprint

In this channeled message through Charmian Redwood Master Jesus takes us into the tomb where He underwent His transformation. He offers to us the process which he used to move from limitation into Oneness

He guides us gently to heal the wounds of the past and move forward into the Christ Light to download our own personal blueprint for our Christed I Am Presence. It is time now to release ourselves from self sacrifice and crucifixion and move forward into Resurrection

lord sananda. with buttonjpg

Charmian Offers Transpersonal Hypnotherapy sessions to discover your life purpose and to release you from old programs which are holding you in suffering
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Are you sacrificing yourself? Do you give your power away? Master Jesus has a message for you.

lord sananda

In this Divine Self Reconnection Hypnotherapy session my client has a conversation with His Divine Essence to discover the cause of a tendency in this lifetime to believe that everything has to be done through suffering which has caused much pain and drama in his life.

In the Hypnosis session his Divine Self guided him to a lifetime where he was a mother of 4 children at a time of great conflict in the land. One of his sons was killed in a war and when this client died he made a vow as he was leaving the body that he would take on other people’s  suffering in future lives so that they would not have to feel the pain that his son had felt.

When he left the body and returned to the golden light of Oneness he was met by Master Jesus who assured him that we do not need to suffer for others. We need to shine our light, our excitement and our joy, to be a beacon for others and guide them to follow their own joy rather than feeling shame.

Many lightworkers including myself have been sacrificing ourselves from a belief that we are unworthy and that somehow sacrifice is noble.

Master Jesus assures  us that self sacrifice is totally unnecessary and is not the message which he meant to leave here for those who came after him.

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If you would like to receive a session of Divine Self Reconnection Hypnotherapy either in  person in Los Angeles or online visit Charmian’s website

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Lightworker Online Spiritual Development Training Class

Alchemy of Mastery
Lightworker Online Spiritual Development Training Class with
Charmian Redwood

ascended masters
This is a 6 week series of  classes of 2 hour sessions using video conferencing.

You can join by phone, I pad or computer. You do not need a an account.

I am offering the same class at 2 different times.

Wednesday Evenings
Beginning September 20th – October 25th
5.30- 8.30pm PST
8.30-10.30pm EST
10.30-12.30 am Sidney Aus next day(Thursday)


Beginning September 28th- November 2nd
11am PST
2pm EST
7pm BST UK( this will change with clocks change)
8 pm CET

Choose which time suits you best, the classes are the same.

We came to Earth together in teams where we worked in the great temples of Atlantis, Lemuria and all of the spiritual traditions since then. Gaia is calling the teams together now to remember who we are and to reclaim the knowledge that we had then. The Lightworkers are here to help Her to move into Her Ascension and Her body of light. It is most important at this time to connect with our soul family and kindred spirits who are spread all over the planet.

The Earth appears to be spiraling into chaos but this is only on the surface, Many Masters from the universe are here to build a new Earth based on love and harmony. Are you ready to step up, to claim your mastery and help our Mother to cleanse herself of hatred and greed?

It is important now as never before that the Lightworkers who are here to lift this planet into her ascension awaken to the truth of who you are and begin to raise your frequency and with you that of the earth and all humanity.
In this class you will learn the skills of
Channeling Ascended Masters

“I feel more confident and able to stand up to people who don’t see the real “me.” When you have confidence and no triggers it doesn’t matter what they are doing. I don’t retaliate.
I felt a deep connection to each of the people in the group, and I learned a lot about myself. I feel much more powerful than I have ever felt in my life. All of my friends are 3 D people, full of anxiety and fear but this is a different energy. It is safer and higher and it feels so good. I feel so much more comfortable with who I am.
The people in the group were open but now they have been blasted off. Gifts are coming that I didn’t know I could do. Going back and reclaiming the priestesses in the first few sessions, those layers, bringing back that strength, was almost like unlocking doors of memory for me.
“Yes, I can do that,” like little chicks and each one was like the biggest experience, it was powerful. “Karen Cincinnati

” It reminded me of who I am. A strong person who is worthy of respect and I won’t let anyone treat me like a doormat any longer.” Laurie florida

“It has really been about ” feeling it,” I could read about this and do all kinds of meditations but now I have the “feeling” from these classes. I can feel the vibration, I can feel everything and it is just amazing how it just shows up. Books give you information ” about”, but don’t help you to embody it.” Samarah

” I came into this class a broken sparrow and I am leaving it a warrior eagle.” Jean Cincinnati

In each class we will work together traveling to the Temples of Sirius, Pleiades, Greece, Egypt, Avalon and many more to reconnect with our multidimensional aspects and use them to reclaim the aspects of ourselves which are already in full consciousness and to lift the Earth into Her Radiant Light. Everybody will participate in our group journeys speaking messages from our many aspects. This is a class for empowerment of your authentic self. You will receive the recording of each class .

Investment in your self
$ 222
Payment plan possible on request
Class size is limited, reserve your space now
For more info e mail
or call 808 344 9932 ( USA) can facetime
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charmian redwood


The Wheel Is Turning. Are you ready to ride?

ascended masters

The Wheel is turning, are you ready to ride?

Message from the Great White Brotherhood
Charmian Redwood

Greetings Beloved Children of the Light.

Many of you came to Earth from the stars, from the angelic planes, from the higher realms to lift the planet into the light. This was Her request and you were the ones who heard Her call and said,” I will go.” You are the ancient souls who came to earth at the time of Lemuria when all was harmony, peace and light, where there was only love and kindness among the people. This you remember in the core of your being, there is a knowing that this is how we are meant to be living on the Earth. After the time of The Fall when humanity experienced pain and suffering for the first time it is as if you have walked continually through the valley of the shadow of death. However by taking this journey through the darkness you have suffered much but you have gained much because you have experienced great love and joy as well as great suffering and pain. As souls you have grown immensely, you have learned compassion and forgiveness, you have learned to move to a higher place so as not to stand in judgement of your fellow man.

You know that one day all souls must look into the mirror, will be given the opportunity to see what they have done when they return home to the realms of light. There they will be helped to review their lives and to make amends. You have learned the gift of being the observer, of standing aside and watching, of letting life flow as, when and where it will. Know that each one who has harmed another will be called to a reckoning so you do not need to concern yourselves with retribution or revenge.

The great wheel has turned, the great cycle is moving forward, the Earth is being lifted on that wheel out of darkness, suffering and pain and into the light. It is now time for the children of the light to lift themselves up and out of situations of drudgery and dis-empowerment which sit heavily on the soul. It is time to leave behind those ways of living where one is willing to do anything simply to put food on the table. It is time now to enter a very different paradigm, to know yourself once more as a powerful creator being of light. When you connect to the source of your being, when you fully remember who you are, then you begin to harness and to focus all of the power of creation to build for yourself a heaven upon this earth, to create situations where you are uplifted, where you feel free to express the divinity that you are. This is the time on the Earth for this to be completed, your Divine Essence is simply waiting for you to invite Him/Her to be downloaded into your energy field and then begin to use that connection to create your world by your intention as you did in ancient Lemuria We are here with you and for you, waiting to welcome you home.



Charmian is teaching a Lightworker School Spiritual development training to help you to connect to your Divine Essence.

Lightworker School Spiritual Development Online Class
Cost $ 222 ( payment plan possible)

Thursday August 18th – October 16th

3pm EST, 9am Hawaii, 8pm UK, 9pm Europe

6 week class online using zoom
We have all trained for eons of time in the ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt, Greece, Atlantis, Druid Britain. It is time now to remember those skills and to offer them once more in service to humanity.
In this class you will learn to receive messages using clairvoyance and clair-audience; how to connect to your master guides and to channel them; how to read auras; use a pendulum.
Each week I will guide the group into a past life memory from our akashic record and use that connection to bring forth the skills we had then as priests and priestesses.

“ Charmian provided the safe space and with clarity and wisdom guided the journey of recognizing and expressing my intuition I have done things to heighten my intuition but never before have I had a safe place to practice and learn to trust my intuition so acutely. Class by class I have strengthened my intuitive abilities and now have the confidence to recognize the messages I am receiving whether for myself or another. What a beautiful playground to practice these abilities. .”

In this 6 week structured class we will learn
Channeling the Masters
Clair Audience
Clair Sentience

Numbers limited so call 808 344 9932 or e mail to reserve your space.

$50 deposit required with balance payable first week of class or in a payment plan.
If you miss a class I will send the recording for you to practice at home

I am also offering a Summer Special on Hypnotherapy Sessions

Treat yourself to a conversation with your Divine Essence and then download this Essence into your physical body.

Hypnotherapy 1.5 hour session for $95 ( normally $150)
1 hour session for $65 (normally $100)

“My hypnosis session with Charmian was a life-changing event. I am now in touch with who I really am. Charmian helped me to access this information through hypnosis and past life regression. She then tied it to my present day experiences. I am able to see where my passion lies and my life’s purpose. I have a greater sense of Who I Am, what I am here for and feel much more connected and supported in the heavenly realms.”Toni Maui
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Are you ready to hatch?

Are you ready to hatch?
A Message for Lightworkers from the Great White Brotherhood
Charmian Redwood
Are you ready to hatch?This is a time of great chaos and change upon the earth. Your soul is demanding an environment in which the qualities of your eternal self can be manifest. There is a shifting and shaking up so that those situations and environments which are toxic to your soul, where you are limited, confined, oppressed or dis-empowered simply can no longer be tolerated. Toxic relationships where your soul is not allowed to fly free are being removed.

We have come to you today to help you to navigate your way through the maze. You are slowly emerging from your chrysalis which is the result of this time of change for everyone on the earth. Each one of you is experiencing a melting down process so that you may emerge as the beautiful butterfly that you are. This process is not at all comfortable, each one of you has your own obstacle course to overcome which was created by old belief systems, low self esteem, self denial, lack, scarcity are programs that run very deep, not only from this lifetime but from many lifetimes of enslavement, dis-empowered, poverty, abandonment and having to sell one’s body in order to survive. We have memories of poor housing, poor working conditions and inadequate remuneration for hard work. These old memories have left deep wounds in the psyche, so that now it is difficult to believe that you deserve better, that you can create a better life by divine grace.

What is happening to the human race at this time is like the time after a mother turtle has laid her eggs buried deep in the sand and it is time for the eggs to hatch. The baby turtles begin the most  challenging journey to find their way to the ocean. They must transverse an obstacle course where there are many dangers,  predators, crabs and birds which all prey upon the baby turtles. The babies are small and weak and this is how it is for humanity right now, you are all hatching from being buried in the sand, being disconnected from the Source of your true identity as divine essence. You have been deeply buried for thousands of years but now it is time for you all to break out of the shell which has been confining you and to take the journey over the hot sand, over the ridges, around the boulders, through the surf and finally into the vastness of the ocean which is the source of all nourishment and the source of your being.

Indeed there are many challenges at this time as you release yourself from old beliefs, programs, habits which you learned as survival mechanisms through times of persecution, oppression and suffering.  For many thousands of years you learned to survive by keeping yourself small, by remaining hidden because there were many lifetimes where you did step forward, where you spoke your truth which was not in alignment with the political or religious structures of the time. You have been persecuted and punished for showing your true nature, for sharing  your inner wisdom so now for many lifetimes you have been enclosed in a shell where you stayed alive but disconnected to your own inner light.

Now it is time to find that deep well of courage within, as the baby turtle receives the signal, he knows exactly when it is the right time to break out of the shell, he feels the pull of the waves and the moon, he knows the time has come for him to break out of his shell, to dig himself out of the sand and to take the great journey across the sand. We might call it the perilous passage from the safety of forgetting into the ocean of re-connection.

You all carry within you the ghosts and shadows of many experiences which have been very traumatic for you and have been controlling your life. We say to you now that the tide has turned, the light is calling you home, so whatever it takes you must dig yourself out of the sand, take all of your courage and walk through the demons, the limiting beliefs,  which would prevent you from completing that journey. It is the ocean of love  from which you were born which is calling you home. Know that you have a wealth of assistance in this process from many beings in the realms of light, your guides, teachers, angels and family who are waiting to assist you in the process of releasing the old belief systems. Simply make your request and it shall be done.

Blessings and love
We are one.

The Great White Brotherhood

I am offering a Summer Special on all hypnotherapy sessions and soul activations.
I use Hypnotherapy to connect you to your own Soul who knows the answers to all of your questions. We release old traumas and beliefs that have been sitting in your body causing very negative events in your life. We look at soul contracts, soul purpose, source of life issues. When you experience yourself as pure soul you will be amazed at your beauty and your power.See for list of activations
For July and August I am offering
1.5 hour session for $95 ( normally $150)
1 hour session for $65 (normally $100)
These sessions are completely life-changing and you are worth it.
Can be done in person or on skype or phone
Tony Maui
“My hypnosis session  with Charmian was a life-changing event. I am now in touch with who I really am. Charmian helped me to access this information through hypnosis and past life regression. She then tied it to my present day experiences. I am able to see where my passion lies and my life’s purpose.
Charmian gently guided me to meet Jesus, mother Mary, my Higher Self and my spirit guides in a very personal  and profound way. I feel much more connected to those spiritual powers now. I have a greater sense of Who I Am, what I am here for and feel much more connected and supported in the heavenly realms.

Charmian is very gifted at accessing this knowledge and gently guiding one to their own personal Truth. Awesome.
 To book your session call
808 344 9932 or
e mail

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