Here is another activation for 2020 from the Great White Brotherhood.


Charmian Redwood

Reconnect to your star home to be recalibrated for the higher frequencies that are streaming to the Earth at this time. We are living many parallel existences at this time. One of them is on the star from which you came to the Earth . This channeled meditation will take you back to your home star through the Great Pyramid of Giza to reclaim your stellar light body.

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2020 Activations Pt 2

Guided journey for 2020 releasing negativity offered by Archangel Michael.

Channeled through
Charmian Redwood 

At this time of transformation and the birth of New Earth Archangel Michael offers us a journey to release lower vibrational energies from our field. We release the old programs and create space for the new frequencies of pure love which are lifting the Earth back to Oneness.

It is time to let go of the past and clear the ground for a rebirth as our True Divine Self

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Channeled activation of the light body for 2020 from the Great White Brotherhood through Charmian Redwood

As we enter a new decade of 2020 there is powerful shift of energy on the planet.The light is intensifying and lifting us higher into connection with our Higher Self. This message is channeled from the Great White Brotherhood, a group of Ascended Masters who are assisting the Earth with this transformation. You are invited to receive the DNA light codes for the New Earth directly from your soul essence.

Powerful activation of Light does for 2020 and The New Earth

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Activation of Divine Ray of Illumination Ray 3

   Channeled through 
Charmian Redwood          

In this activation with Serapis Bey you are guided to reclaim your will in alignment with Divine will and to reclaim your power from those to whom you have given it away. You will enter the Flame of Ascension and be cleansed of everything from the past which no longer serves you.     


Many of us carry memories of being persecuted for using our power in previous lives and so we hold back from claiming our authentic powerful selves. We give our power away to others who control us because we are too afraid to use it for ourselves. The Earth needs all of us now to step up and to claim that which we truly are as Divine Humans.

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Find out who you are and why you are here.
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Swim with Whales Retreat in Mo’orea, Tahiti

Join an intimate group of just 9 sweet souls in this life changing journey on the island of Mo’orea near Tahiti swimming with humpback whales


Retreat guided  by international author, teacher and healer Charmian Redwood

An extraordinary adventure swimming with whales in the daytime and in the evenings making an even deeper connection with them through guided meditations and channeling with Charmian.

Ancient Temple or Marae

What you can expect

  5 days of 5 hour swims with whales

Evening meditations and channeled messages from the whales

1 day hike to the heart of mystical Mo’orea visiting ancient temples

Captain and swim guide with years of experience

Heart opening experiences that cannot be put into words.

 One of a courting pair came right up to us, looked into our eyes then spiraled away to dance with his Beloved. Notice the dolphins dancing with them

The whales are the record keepers of the Earth, they remember who they are and who we are. They are here to help us to remember that we are much more than the body. We are powerful beings of light. When these enormous gentle giants swim right up to you and look into your eyes you will never be the same again. The whales just enfold us in unconditional love.

“It is time to awaken, it is time to remember that you are love. So we invite you to our ocean home to swim  in the waters of abundance, joy and unconditional love. We call you to our hearts, we call you with our song. We invite you into perfect love to be healed from all of the wounds that this earthly life has left in your field. It is time for the renewal, to become the consciousness that is the truth of your being. So come now! Let us enfold you in perfect love.” 

The Whale Family


“I did an unforgettable journey to Moorea, Tahiti, in September of 2019, and I would like to give a special thank you to Charmian Redwood for her help and guidance, both physically and mentally, into the world of whales.

I have travelled the world throughout my life. Before this trip, however, I had zero experience in snorkelling and open sea swimming, and never had I ever been anywhere close to a whale. I remember when we first got into the blue from our boat on our very first day at the sea, I panicked for some odd reason and had to get back on the boat as a safety precaution. I watched melancholically as the others swam towards the supposed location of the whales with plenty of enthusiasm.

Though, I will never forget the moment when, maybe an hour later, Charmian returned to the boat just to take me personally to swim with the whales. “I can’t let you stay here and miss out on this wonderful experience,” she said, as if she knew that a mother whale would arrive in little while to greet us with its baby and so it happened! Two humpback whales, a mother and a baby, swam, or better said slowly glided, directly towards us from the depths of the ocean as we were floating rather still in the water. Infatuated and humbled by the magnificent creatures, I waved my hand to the mother whale as a greeting. Believe me or not, the mother whale greeted me back flickeringly waving its fin as our eyes connected! At the same time, that enormous mammal of the oceans let out a sound to greet us all.

I recognise that I am privileged to have witnessed such situation, and I will flourish the memory of that wondrous connection forever in my heart.” Leena, Finland

 Baby Humpback swims right up to our group and looks into our eyes.

Mo’orea is a heart shaped island close to Tahiti. It is a very important center for balancing the male and female energies in the New Earth.

This island connects through an umbilical cord to the heart of Gaia. We will visit ancient temples and perform a ceremony to connect with the heart of Mother Earth and be reborn as our true self.

Price and terms of payment

When – October 10th-17th  2020

Where – Mo’orea, (Tahiti)

French Polynesia

Personal Investment – $ 2950 double occupancy

Non-refundable deposit  at the time of booking – $600 per person

 First balance due January 31st  – $1000 per person

Second Balance due May 1st. – $700 per person

Final balance due August 1st.  – $ 650 per person

Single supplement for bungalow $450

We recommend that you buy Travel insurance in case you have to cancel. This must be bought within 2 weeks of booking.

Deposit is non refundable. You will receive back other monies if we are able to fill your place minus $75 administration fees therefore we recommend the travel insurance.


Each 2 people will have their own garden bungalow yards from a pristine white sand beach and aqua blue lagoon. You will have a kitchen if you want to cook. There are restaurants close by.

I will find a roommate for you unless you want to pay the single supplement.

Elegant rooms only yards from the white sand beach and warm lagoon

Retreat Content

Includes 7 nights at a luxury resort on the beach, five whale swims, day trip to the heart of Mo’orea to visit ancient temples, transfers from ferry to resort on Mo’orea.

Praying Goddess Mountain

Not included Airline tickets, ferry to Mo’orea ($15) and food.

The first evening we will have a group orientation and meditation to connect with the whales and find out why they have invited us to their ocean home. After each swim we will have a meditation to find out what they were transmitting to us and to connect with our star brothers and sisters.

The last Saturday we will have a closing circle and end the retreat at 11am in time for you to catch a ferry back to Tahiti if you are flying home that day.

There are very good fares with Frenchbee Airline from San Francisco, New York and Paris

This retreat will fill up quickly

Call or email Charmian now to reserve your place

                 808 344 9932

The Whales are waiting!

Are you ready?

6 Steps to Ascension Live Tele class with Charmian Redwood

Six Steps to Ascension
6 Live Tele-classes
Charmian Redwood
Each class is 2 hours

In this 6 week live Teleclass you will be guided through the steps which are needed in order to prepare your vehicle to ascend with Mother Earth. The old paradigm is leaving and the 3rd dimension will no longer be an option for humanity. We must connect with our divine essence, release the past and prepare our light bodies for ascension. The frequency of the planet has been rising steadily and is now supporting a deeper connection with the higher dimensions that ever before. It is just no longer possible to remain asleep when all of the energies are here to help us to awaken to our true selves.

Message from Master Jesus
“Beloved ones. You are the outreach from many star bases and planes of light. You volunteered to take on a physical body to walk through pain and suffering here on planet earth. We see you kneeling to us but we are the ones who should  be kneeling to you. You are the ones who are in the maelstrom, the turbulence, the turmoil which is whipping up the energy on the earth like a tornado. This energy is spinning up chaos on the earth but it is also creating the momentum through which Gaia can bring herself to birth. You are the ones who are anchoring this energy into the earth so that the birthing process can be completed and we are most grateful to you for being willing to do this. You are crusaders, just like the knights of old galloping all over the earth carrying the eternal flame. We would be like the commanders back at headqurters directing it all. We do the planning, we have a large table where we direct the forces where they are needed but you are the ones on the ground carrying out the plan.” 

This live Tele-class using zoom video will take you through the necessary steps of preparation for Ascension.

step 1 Connection with your Divine Essence

step 2 Clearing the pain body

step 3 Forgiveness using Ho’o pono pono techniques

step 4 Reclaiming fragmented soul aspects

step 5 Ascension Flame activation with Lord Serapis Bey

step 6 Atomic accelerator chamber with St Germaine

lord sananda

Love exchange $333
[Payments possible]

4-6 pm PST 7-9pm EST
Thursdays October 3rd- November 7th 2019
call 808 344 9932

“I would like to thank you, Charmian, for helping me to reconnect with the Truth of all of me.  My search always led me to look for the answers “outside of me”.  I feel that my Divine Essence has been brought back into form into my physical body, and I feel complete – balanced – empowered.  Now more than ever I own the energy of creation through my intention, – and then to totally let go and Trust. I also can rest in knowing that being in Joy – is enough. ” Cheryl ma

Lord Lanto offers a DNA activation of the 2nd Ray of Divine Illumination

Lord Lanto is the Master of Ray 2 of the Rays of Divine Illumination.

The Love/Wisdom Ray

In this message channeled through Charmian Redwood he guides you through an activation of your Golden Divine Essence as a fully Christed Being. Reclaim the truth of who you are and bring this powerful co-creator of the universe to be of assistance to you in your earth walk.
Release self doubt and be the power Being of Light that you are.
This powerful message activates the light codes in the DNA for your to embody your Christed Self 

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