The New Earth Is Here. Are you Ready to Dance? Lunar Eclipse April 4th 2015


What a momentous time this is, we are passing through a portal which will bring us into the fulfillment of all of our potential as Living Masters in human form. The energy which entered the planet on March 21st  2015 at the time of the solar eclipse and the spring equinox was a giant wave of golden light from the Great Central Sun. If you can imagine the amount of energy it takes to awaken the life force in a dormant seed, that is what was brought to Earth at that time. I saw the Earth herself as one gigantic seed surrounded in a halo of golden light, the light brought forth the shoot that had been waiting within and out of it came the New Earth.

The week since then has been a time of shedding, releasing and cleansing as we prepare the ground for the new shoot to burst forth in our lives. Any situation whether it be  relationship. friendship, occupation, living situation that is not supporting our new roles as Living Masters needs to be re-evaluated, re-negotiated or re-leased. Old programs that we have carried of self- denial, self-negation or lack of self worth need to be released right now. So many of you may have been experiencing physical symptoms, colds, flu, gastric disturbances or emotional ones, grief, depression, hopelessness. Don’t worry or be attached to these emotions, just know that it is old stuff being released and let it go. Anything that is unresolved between you and others, let it go with forgiveness and move on. If people are in conflict with you they are simply showing you something in yourself that needs to be reclaimed or released, it is time to re-evaluate everything in your life and ask” Is this helping me to be all that I can be?” If not get it out. You only experience what you allow.

Someone is waiting to meet you and it is your own magnificent God Self.

With the Lunar eclipse coming  at Easter right at the time of the Resurrection it is time to plant your own seeds for your new  life. Now you have cleared the weeds, prepared the soil with self love and self appreciation take time to imagine the seeds which you wish to plant in your garden. Imagine for a moment that you are already living your dream life in the New Earth. What does it look like? One by one take a seed in your hand, infuse it with your intention and your deepest hearts desire and then plant it in the bed you have so lovingly prepared. Make a hole, put in the seed, cover it with soil and pat it down. Then water it and walk away. Let the sun and the rain do their work and before long all of your seeds will grow into beautiful plants. You have done the hard work, you have prepared the ground now simply sit in the sun and wait for your garden to grow.

Blessings to you all, beloved Masters of Light

Charmian Redwood


The Lightbearers are all coming home together

Aloha beloveds

This message came from Lady Liberty for all the Lightbearers.


We were the Flame bringers, The Light Bearers. In the beginning there were many lights, many flames, many of us came in a wave together. Then the Earth fell down into the dark age. There was always somebody on the Earth who would carry the Flame. So we have all been like Olympic  Flame torch bearers where they run a relay and pass the flame from one to another. Many times have been alone, we have felt alone, we have been a solitary flame in a great field of darkness. We have been greatly challenged and have needed all of our courage, dedication and commitment to fulfill this mission. There was an agreement that the Lightbearers would always keep a presence on the Earth even if there was only one.

Now as we come into the “home” arena it is as if we have run all around the Earth, up the mountains, down the valleys,across the oceans and  we have come home into the final arena. Each one of us had run our own Olympic race but we are in the “home” straight now. All the Light bringers have returned again.

On the personal level we have been somewhat conditioned to thinking that we must carry the Flame no matter what, we may be doing that entirely alone but we will never give up. So now all of the Flame Bearers can reach out and hold hands.This is the message that Lady Liberty gives.

None of you are carrying the Torch alone now, that is why it is so important to come together in circles of like-minded people to uphold the Light within and to reflect that Light in each other. It is the time of the circle now ,no longer the lone voice in the wilderness or the lone light in the desert, it is the circle coming together. Do not be afraid to reach out and ask for help from your fellow Lightbearers because we all cross the finishing line together. Each one has run their own Olympic race all over the planet for aeons of time and now all of our paths are converging, we all hold hands and we cross the finishing line as One. 

As I cross the finishing line I see part of myself collapsing on the ground completely exhausted and another part of me is completely exhilarated. I feel both. We have been here for a long time holding the Light, being the light in the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not.

This has left wounds in our emotional bodies and our cellular memory to do with the value that we put on ourselves self-worth and confidence because we have often swum against the tide and have been persecuted for it and it is holding us back now from acknowledging who we really are. So that’s why so many masters are here to help us now to heal this wound .

So imagine a mirror in front you and as you look into the mirror you see  the God/Goddess that you really are looking back at you. You see His/Her  radiance reflected back into yourself amplified a million times. As you look in the mirror your see the God/ Goddess with all His/Her chakras radiating light. See yourself merging with this Being, step into the mirror and see all of your chakras aligning with His/Hers.

It is time to celebrate yourself.You have come through. and All Is Well. 

Blessings and Aloha 



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