Hawaiian Bowl Of Light Ceremony

The Hawaiians believe that we are born with a bowl of light inside us. As we grow and experience trauma and pain our bowl becomes filled with stones which weigh us down and make us heavy. Every so often we need to empty out the stones so that our bowl can be filled with light again. In this guided meditation with crystal bowls Charmian helps you to release the stones and to reclaim your original bowl of light and Holy Innocence

If the video does not open highlight it then right click and click on open.

Sorry about the video quality but I suggest closing your eyes so you get the full effect of the sounds. For more info on the services Charmian offers see


2012 A New Earth Rising

Yeah here is my new book ! Are you ready for the shift into the New Consciousness at the end of 2012? This book tells you what you need to know in order to prepare for this monumental change in how we are living on the Earth. It can be an ecstatic or a catastrophic experience, it’s up to you. this is the time that we all came for, time to come into our own and to birth the God Within. I took many people  in hypnosis through the shift into the New Earth to see what it will be like and to discover what we need to do to prepare.

It is available on amazon.com or  at Barnes and Noble


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